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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Barracks life and camping at Fort Jackson -- more rare color photos

A view inside the barracks at Fort Jackson. All the bunks are laid out carefully for inspection.

An outdoor church service on a Sunday morning. The reverend curiously appears to be a young boy.

A view of a row of large tents. Notice the electrical lines strung between them, and the rows of bunks moved outside during good weather.

A line of dog tents and men ready for inspection.
His buddy Ray Westcott eating a watermelon.
Here we see Mel's dog tent assembled from two shelter halves, that he shared with another soldier. Note all gear opened out and ready for inspection.
A full shot of Mel, wearing a doughboy helmet and cartridge belt in regulation warm weather khakis. He's holding an M-1 Garand rifle.