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Sunday, February 21, 2016

75-year-old Cold Case: 8mm Movie Reels Found, May Contain Never Before Seen Footage of 8th Infantry Division in WWII

When I thought I had posted everything there was to know about Grandpa's army service, suddenly here comes some new blog material.  A 'time capsule' of sorts has apparently been in my Dad's house for years without my knowledge. I was recently made aware of a cache of 8mm movie reels that my grandfather recorded, some of which were reportedly taken when he was in the Army. Where and how he was able to get a movie camera in the service I have no idea, he was not in the Army Signal Corps nor was he any kind of War Correspondent. But they exist nonetheless.  And somewhere else buried in my parents' house is an 8mm movie projector.

So this can potentially mean one of two things. Either: 1) Maybe I could find some way to get that projector working and digitally record whatever is on those films, or 2) If that fails, I could take it somewhere and have it done professionally.

Motion film footage taken by a soldier in WW2 is extremely rare. If the film has not deteriorated past the point of being viewable (and that is a big if), I will be sure to make either a DVD or upload a Youtube video of the results!

This would be the most exciting thing I have learned about him in years. No one has seen these films since 1945, without a doubt.