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Monday, November 26, 2012

1941 at Fort Jackson, SC

SHThe following photographs are copies of the ones mounted in the photo album, with descriptions taken from his own handwriting.

"My bunk"

We can see his foot locker open with tray out for inspection. There's a wooden clothes rack in front of the cot with his uniforms hanging there. He's a Private First Class judging from the sleeve chevrons.

"This is our street, our tents are on the left"

The tents are really large and clearly have electricity, as shown by the power lines strung between them.

"How do you like the haircut?"

Mel sporting his new military crew cut. I'm surprised at how skinny he was. There's also a strong resemblance.

"You know who this is. I have a submachine gun"

There are several pictures of his friends playing with guns. One of them is pointing right at the camera.

Will post more in a little while.  There was a lot more to camp life than sleeping in tents and playing with guns, as I will show you with more pictures. Some of these are an insight into army boot camp life that few have documented.

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