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"A man dies only when he is forgotten"

Monday, June 9, 2014

Recollections of the Hurtgen and Battle of the Bulge

First-person testimony about the Hurtgen and Ardennes offensives of November-December 1944...

The battle in the Hurtgen Forest has been called the US Army's biggest coverup in military history.
Were it not for the pivotal Battle of the Bulge that occurred just a week or so later, Hurtgen Forest would have been remembered as the most significant battle and most devastating defeat of the entire second world war. 

Veterans who witnessed the carnage of Hurtgen Forest have universally agreed "show me a man who fought in the Hurtgen Forest and if he says he has never been scared, he's lying..."

Great respect is due to these men for coming forward and breaking their silence after 60-70 years of secrecy.

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